End in Mind Weeks 5-6 Readings Finish Personal
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Final Project Final Project Reviews Final/Next Steps

Final Project: Final Steps


Review your assigned partner's paper or project:

  • Provide feedback in an email which is copied to your instructor, and
  • Complete this peer-assessment.

Make any changes you wish to make to your own project or paper (based on the feedback you received).

Completion & Submissions:

Hand-in Project or Paper in the Canvas Assignment under Week 6: Final Assignment Submission.

Read through your Learning Journal and add anything you feel needs to be added. (Nothing is fine.)

Submit any final material to your ePortfolio. This can be a link to your project, your reflections...

Complete the The 500 Submission Assignment


Complete Self-Evaluation of Final Project/Paper on the Required Forms page

Complete Self-Evaluation of Blog/Learning Journal / ePortfolio on the Required Forms page

Complete the Course Evaluation on the Required Forms page

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