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Non-LMS Toolkit
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Finish Personal Non-LMS Build


Copy and Paste the Non-LMS Wiki posts you made to the Canvas Assignment under Week 5: Non-LMS Wiki.

View everybody's recommendations in the Non-LMS Wiki.

Select resources from the Non-LMS Wiki which you might use to build your personal Non-LMS Toolkit. You may want to have a closer look at some of the resources before including them in your build.

Post your Toolkit on your Blog/Learning Journal.

You will want to cover:

How will you build community and inspire discourse? What are the Non-LMS tools that will help you and how?

    • Community (learning network)
    • Discussion/Discourse
    • Peer Mentoring/Helping
    • Communication (student-student, student-teacher, student-world?)
    • Collaboration (wikis, group work...)
    • ...

How will you provide content, interactivity with content, and organization? What are the Non-LMS tools that will help you and how?

    • Dashboard (Where will students go first?)
    • Content/Lessons/Presentations
    • Processing Tools
    • File-sharing
    • Calendar

How will you handle assessment as, for and of learning?

    • ePortfolio
    • Reflection/Journals
    • Grade book
    • Presenting
    • Assignment (handing-in, feedback)
    • Feedback (student-student, teacher-student)
    • Self-evaluations/peer-evaluations
    • Quizzing

Each area you cover in your blog post can be short and to the point. You do not need to completely cover all of the ins and outs of each tool. The example below is not complete, but it shows that required areas of the Non-LMS toolkit can be lumped together with one robust tool, such as Google Sites.

Example excerpt:

First, as a dashboard I would use Google Sites. Sites not only provide a place for introductory material, but I can include all of my content on the site, whether it be video, or text. Sites also includes fairly easy to follow navigation. The main page of the site can include a Blog for course announcements and a Google calendar for due dates and events...

What I like about sites is the way I can integrate so many tools in ....

What I find frustrating about sites is that it is not that easy to design and develop a site that does not look amateurish to the....

Submit your Non-LMS toolkit to the Canvas Assignment under Week 5: Non-LMS Toolkit Build Submission

Complete the Non-LMS Wiki & Build Self-Assessment on the Required Forms page.


  • Blog/Learning Journal Criteria will be used to evaluate this post.

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