End in Mind Weeks 5-6 Readings Finish Personal
Non-LMS Toolkit
Final Project Final Project Reviews Final/Next Steps

End in Mind: Weeks 5-6


Week 5/6 Checklist:

Comment on a blog post from Week One - Comment Schedule Reminder

Engage in The 500 Activities - The 500 Reminder

Complete the Week 4/5 Readings

You will be working on your Final Project/Paper during Weeks 5 and 6.

respond to any comments on your posts and see if anybody responded to your comments

Add entries to the Course Wiki (Team Non-LMS Wikis)

Copy and Paste the Non-LMS Wiki posts you made to the Canvas Assignment under Week 5: Non-LMS Wiki.

Begin working on Final Project/Paper

Select resources from the Non-LMS Wiki to "build" your own Non-LMS Toolkit

"Build" your own Non-LMS toolkit with a post to your Blog

Submit your Non-LMS toolkit to the Canvas Assignment under Week 5: Non-LMS Toolkit Build.

Complete your Final Paper/Project rough draft (You and your Critical Friend will need to decide when the rough draft should be done to provide each other enough time to provide feedback and then make the necessary improvements)

Provide Feedback to your Critical Friend

Complete your final Blog post

Complete the Blog Posts Submission Assignment.

The following (Under Week 6 in Canvas) is due by Thursday, April 10th:

Hand in Final Project/Paper to the Canvas Assignment: Final Assignment

Complete Self-Evaluation of Final Project/Paper on the Required Forms page

Add material to your ePortfolio

Complete Self-Evaluation of Blog/Learning Journal / ePortfolio on the Required Forms page

Complete the Course Evaluation on the Required Forms page

Complete the The 500 Submission Assignment

Complete this, complete that... enough already!

It is important that you begin the process of engaging in your final paper or project during Week 5. You will have been thinking about the Critical Challenge Question throughout the course, so it is now a matter of making some decisions regarding what you will do and how you will do it.

You will not be completing any Blog/Learning Journal posts during Week 6, so please weave your reflections on the Non-LMS build and any readings into the final Project/Paper.

Weeks 5 & 6 are about about:

Finishing your personal Non-LMS Toolkit,

Engaging in (and completing, of course) your final paper or project on the course Critical Challenge Question.

Providing a peer review on the final Paper/Project for a critical friend

Submitting an inane quantity of material to Canvas Assignments and completing a ridiculous number of self-assessments.


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