End in Mind Weeks 4 & 5 Readings Unit/Lesson
Non-LMS Wiki For Week 5:
Non-LMS Toolkit
Next Steps

Finishing up a grueling week+ and starting on the final step


Continued: Blog/Learning Journal Post completion.

Reflect on what you have learned and the process you have undergone. What worked and didn't work for you? What were the challenges and wonders of working collaboratively online? How might you do things in similar ways or differently with your students? How did you feel about developing a personal LMS?


Now have a look at the Week 5/6 major task:

Project or paper for the final Critical Challenge Question.

Submit any additional material to your ePortfolio/Blog. This can be a link to a recording of a meeting you had with your team that demonstrates collaboration, or it can be copies of an online discussion in preparation for your Wiki posts, or it can be feedback that your gave or received, or...


Week 4 Checklist: Did you...

Comment on a blog post from Week One - Comment Schedule Reminder

Engage in The 500 Activities - The 500 Reminder

Complete the Non-LMS Topic/Team Selection / Critical Friend Selection survey

Engage in the Week 4/5 Readings

Begin your Blog Post for Week 4

respond to any comments on your posts and see if anybody responded to your comments

LMS Unit/Lesson Build

LMS Unit/Lesson Build self-evaluation

Begin work on Non-LMS Team Wikis (From Saturday, March 22 and due Saturday, March 29th)

Complete your Week 4 Blog Post (By Thursday, March 28th)

Peer Critique of LMS Unit/Lesson Build (By Thursday, March 28th)

Add material to your Blog/ePortfolio

Look ahead to Weeks 5/6

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