End in Mind Weeks 4 & 5 Readings Unit/Lesson
Non-LMS Wiki For Week 5:
Non-LMS Toolkit
Next Steps

Next Week: Non-LMS Build


This page is included here to give you a sense of what you will be doing with the information gleaned from the Non-LMS Wiki. These instructions are repeated in Week 5.

However: It is important that you complete the Non-LMS Topic/Team Selection / Critical Friend Selection survey now please . This will allow your instructor a bit of time to formulate teams and assign critical friends for the Final Project.


Please have a look at the instructions for the Non-LMS Build before you begin. Your instructor always feels it is a good idea to visualize an assignment product so that a sense of context is developed. Mind you, your instructor has been wrong before. There was that time back in 1964, he was five years old, and his mother told him to not stay out past dark, as the the town of Dimona was has having some problems with the influx of...

Here is the link to your future (or at least the instructions for what you will be doing).

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