End in Mind Weeks 4 & 5 Readings Unit/Lesson
Non-LMS Wiki For Week 5:
Non-LMS Toolkit
Next Steps

End in Mind: Week 4


Week 4 Checklist:

Comment on a blog post from Week One - Comment Schedule Reminder

Engage in The 500 Activities - The 500 Reminder

Complete the Non-LMS Topic/Team Selection / Critical Friend Selection survey

Engage in the Week 4/5 Readings

Begin your Blog Post for Week 4

respond to any comments on your posts and see if anybody responded to your comments

LMS Unit/Lesson Build

LMS Unit/Lesson Build self-evaluation

Begin work on Non-LMS Team Wikis (From Saturday, March 22 and due Saturday, March 29th)

Complete your Week 4 Blog Post (By Thursday, March 28th)

Peer Critique of LMS Unit/Lesson Build (By Thursday, March 28th)

Add material to your Blog/ePortfolio

Look ahead to Weeks 5/6

Week 4 is about about:

Providing friendly critical feedback to another cohort member for their unit/lesson build, and

Starting the process of working together to build a presonal toolkit Non-LMS resources.

  • Teams will collaborate, research and develop a Wiki of Non-LMS services that might be used to build a personal LMS.
  • Each individual will develop a plan for a personal non-LMS.

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