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Lessons For You To Use


Remember that the activities below are for folks who do not want to spend the time developing their own units at this time. Nothing stops you from developing your own activities, quizzes, discussions, assignments... or collaborating with another cohort member to build something together. It is all about how much time you have right now. In fact, some people might find it easier and faster to build their own units rather than trying to figure out another person's activity structures. Up to you.


Choice : Life Online Activities

This unit of study has students looking at how to stay safe online.

Feel free to use this resource for students: Keys to Life Online. Note that I have included five quizzes from Step Two (left side navigation on the site).

RTF (Should open in any Word Processor) quizzes for you to build your Moodle or D2L Quizzes. Note that you do not have to build all of quizzes below. You are simply experimenting with your LMS, so only build what you would like to use for now.

In addition, you can use information from this parent/educator resource site for your build: https://sites.google.com/site/childrenslifeonline/

Note that this unit of study would require you to come up with discussion topics, an assignment to hand in, and other aspects of your build. All that is supplied here is content, quizzes, and reflection pieces (at the end of each quiz).



Choice : Know Yourself Activities

This unit of study has students delving into the concept of flow, discovering their Learning Style, and intelligence tendencies. I have included content, quizzes, reflections, and an assignment. This unit does not include discussions (So you will need to develop those).

Notice that the instructions on this site tell the students to go to Moodle to take the quizzes. You will, of course, change what you need to for your build.

Know Yourself Part 1
The links run along the top of the page (just as they do for OLTD504), and include:

  • two annoying videos on Flow, which come with these two quizzes:
    • quiz_flow_1.rtf
    • quiz_flow_2.rtf
    • Students find the topics of Flow and of Multi-tasking quite interesting. This would be a good place for an online discussion.

  • a learning styles assessment,

  • a multiple intelligences assessment that has students reflecting on the results and how the results correlate to what they know about themselves, and

  • an assignment.

Additional material is available on these pages, where the students delve into Myers-Briggs Personality assessments and prepare an "I AM" project.


Choice : Photography Activities

This unit of study has students learning the basics of photography.

For this unit, use:


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