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Unit / Lesson Build Instructions


Build a unit of study in your assigned LMS. Minimally, your unit of study needs to include:

  • A Home Page with intro graphics and text (Or a News Item or Header if there is not capacity to edit the homepage),
  • A Lesson, or content with which your students will engage,
  • Quizz(es),
  • Online Discussion(s),
  • An Assignment for the students to "hand in" (upload),
  • A Gradebook (make up a few items... quiz, dropbox/assignment...),
  • A means of providing feedback or submitting opinions (survey, choice...), and
  • A Calendar.


Continue working on your Blog/Learning Journal post where you may choose to discuss:

  • What you feel works well with your build:
    • Layout,
    • navigation,
    • quiz build,
    • gradebook appearance...
  • What frustrated you about the LMS
  • What you loved about working with the LMS
  • What you are proud of,
  • What you would like to improve, and
  • Limitations you found with working with the LMS.


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