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Week 3 Readings


Begin the week on a blog post from Week One - Comment Schedule Reminder. Comments are assessed according to the criteria for Discussions/Discourse. The Criteria

Repeat of the instructions from Week 2
Readings for Weeks 2
and 3: You may have already read the suggested readings for Weeks 2 and 3 in one of the previous OLTD courses. These readings are included to help you deepen the scope of your engagement in the Critical Challenge Question. Please be aware that these are suggested readings during two very busy weeks. All of the readings can be found in the course textbook:

Foundations of Educational Theory for Online Learning, by Mohamed Ally, Athabasca University. Part I - Chapter 1 (Page 15)

Towards a Theory of Online Learning, by Terry Anderson, Athabasca University. Part I - Chapter 2 (Page 45)

Teaching in an Online Learning Context, by Terry Anderson, Athabasca University. Part IV - Chapter 14 (Page 343)


Reflect on the readings and write this week's Blog/Learning Journal Post. Note that you will be wanting to add to your post as the week progresses. Your post is not due until the end of the week. All Blog/Learning journal entries are evaluated according to this Criteria.

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