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Familiarize yourself with the D2L Instructor tools.

Fortunately, D2L and VIU have provided a very usable "help" documentation that shows you pretty much everything you will need. You will find the documentation on the right side of your VIU D2L home page.

Below are some areas requiring research, practice and presentation for your team. Together you will need to decide who will be responsible for which area(s).

Select one or more of these areas to be covered. Each area has been given an approximate difficulty level so that you can decide together who would best suit which area.

  1. Easy
  2. Moderate
  3. Can be complicated
  4. You need to be fairly tech savvy for this one

Learn and Play

Required your team covers these items (These items are the basics for developing a course)
Content 3-4

You will want at least a couple of folks on this topic. One person could focus on the SCORM content.

  • Creating new modules
  • Creating new topics
  • Managing modules and topics
  • Using SCORM
    I recommend you use EXELearning to develop your SCORM compliant content package. This tool is free to download and use and is remarkably user-friendly. EXELearning allows you to create pages of content and quizzes in small, student-friendly chunks, and then export for import to D2L (or other LMS). As this is one of the easier tools to use to generate a SCORM package, I recommend it be part of your presentation to your team.
  • Managing content display settings
Discussions 2  
Dropbox 2-3 How students hand stuff in and get feedback.
Grades 3 You may want a couple of folks on this topic.

Homepages and Widgets

Not Available to instructors on the VIU D2L Instance


You may want a couple of folks on this topic. The two aspects of this are:

  • Managing the Home Page with Widgets, and the other might deal with:
  • Creating and managing Widgets
Quizzes & Question Library 3 The option of using the question library to have quizzes pull numbers of questions from the library make this a bit more confusing. Two people should work on this topic together.
Calendar & Manage Dates

1-2 &

You might want two people on this, with the more tech-savvy person focusing on Manage Dates.
Release Conditions 2-3 This person will need to create an activity, such as a dropbox or quiz activity in order to create a release condition.
Not as important to developing a base course, but you can also select from this list:
Surveys 1-2  
Checklist 1-2  
Blog 1-2  
If you are interested and want to know more:
Chat Instructional Design Wizard Pager
Class list Intelligent Agents Registration
Competencies Learning Activity Library Rubrics
Course Administration Links Seating Chart
Email Locations Sections
FAQ Locker Self Assessments
Getting Started Metadata Special Access
Glossary Navigation Themes
Groups News  

Prepare your Collaborate presentation and practice.

It may be a good idea to get feedback from a member of your team.

Collaboration presentation to your LMS team must be completed by Sunday, March 16th.must be completed by Sunday, March 17t

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