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Learning & Teaching Jigsaw


The process of learning all that is needed in each Learning Management System would be too onerous and time-consuming for each person to do independently within our tight timeline. This will be a collaborative process, in which you will be relying on each other quite a bit.

Before you begin the intense collaboration required in the next couple of weeks, you may want to have a look at some of these articles and resources on collaboration. You do not need to view these resources if you feel that, at this point in the program, you have done enough collaborating to not need advice.


You will be informed regarding which LMS you will be using.

Use the lists on the next pages (Moodle, D2L, Canvas ) to break down the learning into specific aspects of your assigned LMS (quizzes, gradebook, homepages...).

You will need to organize your presentations

    1. Unless done in one of the Instructor Sessions, you will need to:
      Arrange an Organizational "meeting" to:
      • Break up the tasks,
      • Schedule presentations times, and
      • Coordinate how you will help each other (buddies, helpdesk, twitter...)
      • NOTE: This can be accomplished in other formats, but the instructor is recommending Collaborate, as cohort members are familiar with the structure and it is important to experience the tool as an instructor.

    2. Arrange a Presentation schedule:
      • Present what you learned (Please check your due dates.)

Please record all Collaborate sessions and send your instructor the recording links. Let your instructor know what the session was about ("This was the D2L team coordinating tasks", "Link to the session where the Moodle team tried to stay calm").


Individually or in small teams, you will research how to use the aspect of the LMS which you have "volunteered" to teach to the group.

You will be provided some links to "how to" resources on the specific team pages.

You will need some material with which to "play" as you experiment with your LMS. You may want to take this as an opportunity to look ahead to next week and use some of the material you will be provided for your course unit/lesson build (content, quizzes, graphics,...). Visit Week 3's "Build It" page for some material (unless you would like to use your own material).


Prepare your Collaborate presentation and practice with a colleague using your personal Collaborate classroom.

Looking Ahead:

Looking ahead to the beginning of Week 3:

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