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End in Mind: Weeks 2 & 3


Week 2 Checklist

Comment on a blog post from Week One - Comment Schedule Reminder

Engage in The 500 Activities - The 500 Reminder

Engage in the Week 2/3 Readings

Begin your Blog Post for Week 2

If you wish, respond to any comments on Blog or 500 posts and see if anybody responded to your comments

Meet with your LMS group to break up the LMS learning and coordinate the presentations schedule

Complete your Blog Post by the end of the week (Thursday)

Learn what you have agreed to learn and prepare to present

Look ahead to Week 3 and note the tight schedule

Add material to your Blog/ePortfolio

The next two weeks will be challenging, in that teams will be sharing, organizing, planning, learning and presenting together. This can be difficult in many face-to-face situations, never mind endeavoring to collaborate online.

You will need to be patient with each other and continually reflect on the process so that you might knowingly assist your online students when they experience roadblocks and challenges in their online group work.

This week will be about:

Commenting on a blog post, The 500 Activities, the Readings, and a Blog post.

Learning about a specific LMS:

You will be broken up into three groups:

    • Commercial Learning Management System: Desire2Learn (D2L),
    • Non-commercial, open-source Learning Management System: Moodle, and a
    • Hybrid Learning Management System (Can be non-commercial or commercial): Canvas, by Instructure.

    Each Group will learn what is needed in each system to create a basic course and a unit or lesson in that course.

The process of learning all that is needed would be too onerous and time-consuming for each person to do independently, each group will break up into individuals or pairs to:

    1. Master an aspect of the LMS, such as quizzes, or dropboxes, or gradebook..., and then...
    2. Teach their LMS group through synchronous Collaborate presentations. (This will happen at the start of Week 3)

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