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The final Week One activity is participation in an instructor-led lesson, which will (hopefully) do a few things:

  1. It will give you a general overview of D2L, Moodle and Canvas as Learning Management Systems,
  2. It will model a "meeting expectations" calibre online presentation using Collaborate. (One would hope that the instructor can provide an "exceeding expectations" calibre presentations, but one never knows so one hedges one's bets),
  3. It will provide any tutorials necessary to "get going" with the course, and
  4. We will also look at expectations for next week.

Instructor-led presentation.

  • When: Saturday, March 9, 2013, 10:00 AM to 12:00
  • Where: Avi's Collaborate Space
  • Please be in the room at least 15 minutes prior to the presentation and complete an audio check (Audio; Audio Setup Wizard). All participants must have a microphone.

Please provide your instructor with feedback regarding the presentation. Use the criteria which you and your peers will be using for your presentations. This is your opportunity to:

  • Ensure that you understand the criteria before you begin, and
  • have some early revenge upon your instructor. Please use this form to evaluate the instructor.

Go to Week 2 and read the instructions for the week.

Week One Checklist. Did you:

Take the survey

Complete the quiz

Access OLTD in Canvas

Create your Calendar/Checklist

Complete the Week 1 Reading

Complete a Blog Post

Check access to Course Wiki

Create a Diigo account and add the suggested groups

Begin to work on your The 500

Participate in the Instructor-led session

Provide feedback to the Instructor regarding the presentation.

Look ahead at Week 2 and email your Instructor with LMS preference (Unless already done)


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