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End in Mind: The Final Assignment


You will want to keep the Critical Challenge Question in mind throughout the course.

Critical Challenge Question:

How can Learning Management Systems (LMS and/or Non-LMS) help me develop courses where students learn in the best way for them (teacher-structured/personalized), while providing me with the tools I require for efficient and efficacious presentation, moderation, support, and assessment (for, as, and of learning)?

Some possible Leading Questions to help guide your reflections throughout the course and that might be utilized during the last week in your Final Project or Paper:

  • What are some overarching principles you will follow in designing your courses?
    Based on:
    • current education research,
    • your experience,
    • your collaborations and conversations with your colleagues, and
    • your values around learning and teaching
  • What are Learning Management Systems?
  • What are some LMS and non-LMS services and how do they compare?
  • What components are necessary for a complete LMS?
  • What are the pros and cons of using a commercial LMS?
  • What are the pros and cons of using an open source LMS?
  • How flexible are LM Systems?
  • How can you use non-LMS "systems" or services to build your own LMS?
    • What are the tools you will need?
      • Quizzing?
      • Web sites for organization and content delivery (Google sites, Weebly, Blogs, Wix...)?
      • ePortfolio and learning journal (Blogs, Sites...)?
      • Collaboration (Social book-marking, Micro-blogging, Google Drive, Sites, Discussions)?
      • Presenting / Collaborating?
      • ...
  • What are the costs (real and implied) for using a LMS (commercial, open source) and non-LMS?
  • What criteria should you use when deciding whether an LMS meets the learning needs of students while meeting your teaching needs?
    • What are some attributes of a good LMS?
    • What are some limitations of a LMS?
  • What are some best practices for LMS implementation?
  • How do you develop a unit of study in a LMS?
  • How many times can you say LMS?


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